About CSR

Alliance Group Holding considers corporate social responsibility a sustainable management tool that we incorporate in our daily activities. Our internal policies provide for no discrimination on any basis, respect for human and labour rights, gender equality, environmental protection, transparency and accountability; there are the cornerstones of our company activities.

All our actions are governed by the fundamental resolve to act responsibly on behalf of future generations to ensure economic, environmental and social progress.

The Social Committee has been set up for determining the social policy of the Group, to plan, organize and supervise all social-related projects initiated or funded by the company. The members of the Social Committee are the Heads of Departments and chaired by the CEO.

In 2011, the Social Committee identified the following three CSR themes for AGH and its affiliated companies where the Group will target its social initiatives:

  • promote awareness on ethical business among young leaders;
  • support rehabilitation and restoration of Georgian cultural heritage monuments;
  • Contribute to environmental projects.

In April, 2010 Alliance Group Holding established a charity fund “Ardza”. The fund is authorized to implement and run all social projects, sponsored by the company. The Fund is currently managed by the Social Committee of the company.


Alliance Group Holding JSC.

Address: 8a P.Melikishvili str., Tbilisi, 0179 Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 242 41 81
Fax: (+995 32) 299 81 12
Email: info@agh.ge
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