Local Partners

Alliance Group Leasing

AGL is a first and only non-bank owned leasing company in Georgia, operating with the primary goal of providing leasing services to its customers. Currently, AGL offers finance, operational and purchase and lease-back services. Established in 2006, AGL has served more than 4,000 clients and has financed transactions worth USD 16 million. The company is currently expanding its operations in the regions and targeting medium, small and micro clients in rural areas throughout the branch system of its sister company in Zugdidi.

AGL is the first leasing company in the country that obtained the International Certificate for Quality Management Standard – ISO 9001 in 2011 and the first leasing company in the country granted a Development Credit AuthorityPortable Guarantee from the US Government in 2011.

For more information, please visit company's website: www.agleasing.ge

GIA Georgia

GIA Georgia is an American-Georgian joint venture formed in 2005 to provide credit-related financial services to Georgian governments, corporations and banks.

CreditInfo Georgia

CreditInfo Georgia specializes in credit information and the provision of information essential to the decision-making processes of banks, leasing companies and other organizations that lend money, provide services and goods in credit.

Gross Energy Group

Gross Energy Group was established in 2007. Founder members are famous energy specialists, engineers and executives. The team members are of long-standing reputation and have a long and successful experience in research, designing, construction, monitoring and management of energy projects.

GPI Holding

GPI Holding, a member of the Vienna Insurance Group - one of the leading insurance companies in Europe. GHI Holding has the largest agency network throughout Georgia, offering flexible and comfortable services to its clients.

Business Association of Georgia (BAG)

Business Association of Georgia is an independent, non-government, apolitical and non-profit organization founded in October of 2009. Today, BAG is one of the largest unions of businesses in Georgia whose Members present large and midsize business organizations.

American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia (AmCham)

American Chamber of Commerce in Georgia is the largest international business chamber in Georgia with more than 150 company members. Founded in 1998, AmCham's primary objective is to promote US - Georgia ties and the improvement of the business environment in Georgia.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Georgia)

The International Chamber of Commerce of Georgia is one of the most influential business associations, which unites more than hundred small, medium and large business organizations operating successfully in Georgia.

Georgian Employer’s Association

Georgian Employer’s Association was established on the 1 of December in 2000. The Association is independent, non profitable self-regular business union and works accordingly to employers (manufacturers and enterprise) and international labor organizations standards and conventions.

BLC law office

BLC was established in 2000 by the attorneys educated in Georgia and the United States of America and experienced in different fields of law. Currently BLC is the leading law-firm in number of areas of law.



Alliance Group Holding JSC.

Address: 8a P.Melikishvili str., Tbilisi, 0179 Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 242 41 81
Fax: (+995 32) 299 81 12
Email: info@agh.ge
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