Who We Are

Innovative, diversified, leading company in the field of investment & advisory services that aims to invest in the prospective projects and create the long-term added value for its customers, shareholders, its employees and the local economy. Projects implemented by the company to date have played an important role in the development of the financial sector in Georgia.

AGH was established in 2005 by Georgian, American and European shareholders. The company manages subsidiary companies with diversified core businesses in various financial and consulting sectors.

AGH- during its ten-years of activity has invested via diversified businesses more than $400 million in small, medium and large-sized companies.

Investment field - microfinance, investments.

Consulting field - property valuation and asset management, IT, financial consulting, energy, business information.

With our help, you can create your business on a foundation that can support future growth and receive significant long term benefits to your organization at all stages of development.


Alliance Group Holding is 18 years old, reputable diversified investment company in Georgia

The mission of Alliance Group Holding is to create long term value for clients, stakeholders, society by contributing to the development of strategic

industries in Georgia. During 18 years in business company made several important investments for the country.

  1. JSC BIA Business Information company – established 2002, is a leading company with over 50,000 active company profiles in the country, its clients are: commercial banking sector, insurance and telecoms, distributors, top audit and consulting firms etc.
  2. Creditinfo Georgia - Consumer credit information bureau was established in 2005 in partnership with four largest commercial banks. The company is still only credit bureau in the country.
  3. Alliance Group Microfinance - First private microfinance company in 2005. Sold in 2014. In 2010 Microfinance Association was launched, first chairman Mr. Aieti Kukava.
  4. Alliance Group Leasing, Independent leasing non bank owned company, only financial institution in the country to remain profitable 14 years in a row. In 2016, together with industry leaders established leasing association in the country. Mr. Aieti Kukava is Chairman of the association.
  5. AGT - first IT point of sales payment company leader in the country in 2006. Sold in 2010.
  6. Hesi 1 - first Micro hydropower station was built in 2017, sold in 2019.
  7. Alliance Group Capital - established in 2005, it was first M&A and Fundraising consulting company, same year arranged $35 million fundraising for the export oriented industry leading company. AGC was accepted as a member to world leading M&A network Globalscope in 2014.
  8. RHEA -property management and valuation online platform was launched in 2014 , which laid foundation in Georgia for online transactions in real estate valuation and management.
  9. AGH since 2005 is a first private investment company to arrange several regional investment forums .
  10. AGH advised Government of the country to obtain first sovereign credit rating. Also, advised several corporations on obtaining and improving optimal Credit Ratings.
  11. Venture capital association was established in 2017, with primary goal to promote, attract venture capital in the region and promote technological startup ecosystem development.
  12. Finnish International School – launched 2018, is first Finnish International School in the region.



Alliance Group Holding JSC.

Address: 8a P.Melikishvili str., Tbilisi, 0179 Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 242 41 81
Fax: (+995 32) 299 81 12
Email: info@agh.ge
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