Business Information

National Credit Information Bureau (NCIB) is the first private organization in Georgia to focus on developing, processing, issuing and distributing business information. NCIB has developed position of a leader and sole provider of accurate business information services in the Georgian market that significantly facilitates the improvement of the business environment in Georgia and thereby provides a solid platform for attracting new business investments.


NCIB has been partnering with world leading companies operating in the global business information sector - D&BKompass InternationalCoface and others. In cooperation with its partners, NCIB has constant access to updated information on more than 200 million companies in over 150 countries.


NCIB launched its first successful project, “CreditInfo Georgia” implemented in partnership with the leading Georgian banks, which significantly improved credit reporting system in the country. CreditInfo Georgia is the only credit information bureau in the country, that specializes in credit information and the provision of information essential to the decision making processes in credit transactions.


NCIB has signed agreement with the global business information provider, Kompass International on partnership and information sharing.


NCIB developed another project “PR Exchange”, a network of business professionals enabling its members to exchange experience and increase the company awareness. It is an online portal for sharing company news and enables everyone to post their corporate news on the website for free. Currently, PR portal unites around 400 active public relations officers.


NCIB has established a subsidiary company, JSC Business Information Agency (BIA), which manages the largest and continuously updated business information database encompassing information on more than 23,000 companies registered in Georgia. It supplies the local companies with business information as well as provides information to potential investors on local business climate and investment opportunities (www.bcat.ge).

For more information, please visit company's website: www.ncib.ge


list of innovative and unique projects has been expanded by a brand new project BRating (www.brating.ge).

Through BRating customers are able to search the ratings of the companies across different sectors. Apart from the ratings, the project envisages carrying out of research and surveys concerning relevant topics.


Alliance Group Holding JSC.

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