02/09/2013 Alliance Group Holding became one of the local sponsors for 74th International Session of European Youth Parliament

In October, Georgia would become a host of one of the most memorable International Sessions organized so far –the 74th International Session for European Youth Parliament (EYP). The session will take off on October 3, 2013 and will last till October 14, in this period over 350 delegates from all over Europe will discuss the activities of EYP held throughout the year and simultaneously, will get acquainted with the splendid culture, cuisine, architecture and people of Georgia.

The event is extended parliamentary simulations including political debates, Europe enthusiastic exchange among young people. Delegates will discuss the political and economic dimensions of EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy and the possibilities of the development of a more politically integrated union. Thematic Committees will be set up to discuss the issues of human rights, economy, foreign policy, security, tourism, education, environment, civil society, etc.

Alliance Group Holding became one of the co-sponsors of the event since one of the fundamental goals of the company’s corporate social responsibility is to promote the concept of ethical business and raise awareness about the principles of corporate social responsibility among young leaders and to foster the values of corporate citizenship in different communities of Georgia.

The European Youth Parliament offers young people a platform on which to exchange their views, discuss political and economical constrains facing wider Europe and present their visions how to address these challenges.

Together with Alliance Group Holding, the sponsors of the event are Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, United Nations Populations Fund, several international organizations and representative bodies of Georgian Government.


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