23/04/2014 Entrepreneurial Event Tbilisi FTW was held in Tbilisi

Aieti Kukava, CEO of Alliance Group participated at a TbilisiFTW, an event for Investors and Entrepreneurs, with a presentation on IT technologies in Georgia. Discussing the current trends at IT sector in Georgia, Mr. Kukava also spoke about the IT projects AGH has invested for the past several years.

TbilisiFTW is the first in a series of #FTW community events bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, and facilitators in Europe and Eurasia with the following goals: providing access to best-practices for early-stage entrepreneurs, assisting local private and angel investors to professionalize and grow their syndication (investment networks), and building capacity of entrepreneurship community organizers and innovation centers to improve their services, outreach, and effectiveness.

#TbilisiFTW is organized by the USAID-REG Project in cooperation with Teres Capital, StartupWiseGuys, String Ventures, and Netokracija. Local co-organizers in Tbilisi are the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre Georgia and Bank of Georgia University.


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