27/05/2014 Alliance Group Holding introduces new service - business trainings

In May 2014, Alliance Group Capital added a new direction to its existing investment and consulting services, a business training service.

The aim of the business trainings is to help employers and employees to improve and develop their professional skills based on the modern management principles, accelerate and motivate  employeebehavior to advance individual and team work spirit and master their self efficiency techniques.

The training includes the following modules:

  • Effective Customer Care
  • Sales strategy and Technology
  • Effective Presentation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Corporate Culture and Relationship Management
  • Conflict Management Strategies in Organizations
  • Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sales Management for Merchandisers and Distributors

Interactive trainings will be conducted. The course is built on modern international business technologies, designed and adapted according to the Georgian business environment. The training modules are constantly updated to include the modern trends of the business environment.


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