11/08/2014 New online B2B asset sharing platform, FLOOW2 will be available soon for Georgian businesses

On 4-6 August, 2014, Mr. Kim Tjoa, co-founder of Dutch company, FLOOW2 visited Alliance Group Holding. FLOOW2 is the first online business-to-business Sharing Marketplace where companies and institutions can share equipment and the skills & knowledge of personnel. Sharing economy is the new philosophy which is becoming increasingly popular in the West.

As Mr. Tjoa says, traditional economy which is based on a linear economy is moving towards a more circular economy. Thus, sharing, lending, exchanging and renting among businesses will become an inevitable process. Companies can realize additional turnover by renting out their assets to colleague companies, or they can lower costs by renting it temporarily from other organizations instead of buying new.

FLOOW2 is a new business model and it will be soon available for Georgian companies. The Georgian partner, Alliance Group Holding, will develop the market locally. Asset sharing has already started in Georgia, construction companies are renting out underutilized equipment, offices and other assets are also rented out. FLOOW2 will consolidate all of these to give its users the possibility to start sharing their assets among themselves, in a secure and transparent environment.

Interview with Mr. Tjoa was published in English-language magazine, The Financial. The full interview is available in the following link.


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