27/10/2014 Subsidiary company of Alliance Group Holding became the member of international M&A network, GLOBALSCOPE Partners

Alliance Group Capital, a subsidiary company of Alliance Group Holding became the first investment and consulting company from the Caucasus that joined international M&A network, GLOBASLCOPE Partners. Founded in 1987, Globalscope is a leading group of corporate finance and business advisers operating globally to support clients in cross-border transactions. Its focus is on M&A and managing the diverse issues arising in the implementation of business growth or reorganization and realization strategies whether this is through acquisition, divestment, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures or licensing initiatives.

During the 6th Semi-Annual Conference held in Athens on October 1-4 and attended by 42 delegates, Globalscope welcomed three new member firms, all leading M&A advisors in their respective countries: Alliance Group Capital from Georgia, Capital Times from Ukraine and Bluemint Capital from Portugal.

“It is a big achievement for us to join Globascope network, since leading investment banks specializing in M&A transactions from developed countries are members of the mentioned organization. We are particularly honored that we are the only company from Caucasus to be able to join the network. M&A sector is still underdeveloped in countries like Georgia, but Georgia’s robust economic growth during the past decade, unique structure and strategic position of our company, gave us a chance to become a member of such a network. As a result, we now have the real leverage to assist local companies in sophisticated M&A transactions by attracting international players in Georgian market. The demand for M&A transactions means that country’s economy is developing. Through consolidation and mergers of the companies the market is maturing, international brands are entering, businesses are becoming more transparent and corporate standards are rising. Increased competition also helps to improve the quality of production and services for the benefit of the general public. We are working on several M&A projects and strongly believe, there will be many interesting cross-regional transactions in and from Georgia”, - Aieti Kukava, CEO of Alliance Group Capital, commented.

Michael Moritz, President of Globalscope, commented, “Globalscope is proud of the continuous growth of the network by such strong candidates. We were impressed to see all the opportunities for foreign investors in an improved economic environment”.


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