10/11/2014 Japanese-Georgian business development perspectives

On 21-25th of October 2014, the President of Georgia paid an official visit to Japan. The representatives of Government, Parliament, President Administration and businesses were members of the official delegation, including Mr. Aieti Kukava, CEO of Alliance Group Holding.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen political, economical and cultural ties between two countries. The meetings with leading Japanese and Georgian companies were held, where Georgian investment environment and specific investment projects in energy, agriculture, tourism and information technology fields were presented to the Japanese counterparts.

According to April-September 2014 data, Japan is witnessing a trade deficit in the amount of 5.43 trillion Yen, all time record high since 1979. The main reasons for deficit are considered to be increased demand on liquid natural gas for thermal stations and increase in import prices due to devaluation of Japanese currency, Yen.  As a result, it is significant for Japan to grow its export potential. Thus, it is possible to develop Georgian-Japanese strategic cooperation in this regard, - comments Aieti Kukava.

“We are very grateful to the Georgian government for organizing such a visit. It is very important for Georgia to attract foreign direct investment and particularly, to introduce modern technologies and know-how in production and employ qualified staff. Japan can benefit from cheap electricity produced in Georgia, as well as low and flexible tax system and procedures Georgia can offer and the strategic location of our country. Thus, Japanese manufacturers can establish production plants and warehouses in Georgia. We are working for implementing this perspective vision and cooperation into real projects. At this stage, we are identifying perspective companies in Georgia who are willing to attract Japanese technologies and capital and increase production standards, thus explore new market opportunities”, - says Mr. Kukava.


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