09/11/2015 Trainings for G&A Group Employees

Alliance Group Capital has held trainings for the employees of G&A Group. The topic of the trainings was “Sales management for merchandisers and distributors”.

The trainings were held by Ms. Tatia Turashvili, Ph.D. of psychology, associate professor, and consultant of management system with 11 years of experience.

The purpose of the trainings was to analyze the psychological mechanism of merchandising and gain appropriate skills for managing negotiations with customers. As a result of the trainings the participants were able to analyze the following: their strengths and weaknesses in regard with sales process; the need to know the advantages of products suggested by them. They were also able to raise awareness in inventory management and effective negotiation techniques.

Together with the improvement of employees’ skills, the aim of the trainings held by AGC was changing participants’ personal attitude towards working environment and creating motivation for self-fulfillment.


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