16/09/2018 Globalscope 2018 - First international M&A forum in Georgia was held in Tbilisi

Globalscope 2018 - First international M&A forum in Georgia was held in Biltmore Tbilisi on September 12-15. The forum was hosted by investment company Alliance Group Capital. During previous forum in Australia, 46 countries voted for next forum to be hosted by AG Capital in Georgia.  AGC has an honorable mission to develop M&A sector in Georgia and reveal new opportunities for Georgian businesses.

Globalscope is the leading group of corporate finance and business advisors operating globally to support clients in domestic and international transactions. It was founded in 1987 and since then focuses on the implementation of business growth or reorganization, realization strategies whether this is through acquisition, divestment, sale, restructuring, international joint ventures or licensing initiatives all over the world.

55 international investment companies from more than 40 countries attended the event. M&A forum participants reviewed investment potential of Georgia, discussed particular investment projects and business development opportunities. Banking and finance, energy, real estate, tourism and food processing industries were the worthiest fields for the investors.

Alliance Group Capital is one of the key players of the Georgian economy that operated very productively on the Georgian market. Thanks to AG capital, Globalscope member companies from all over the world have the opportunity to get acquainted with the investment potential of Georgia and plan future investment activities in various promising business sectors.” - Jim Keeling, Globalscope President; Chairman and Chief Executive at “Corbett Keeling”.

“We choose AG Capital, because they are real professionals. We are glad to know a lot about local economy and investment capital so as we are interested in Georgia more thoroughly. Georgia definitely has a great potential for development.” - John Sloan, Globalscope Director, President & CEO at “Allegiance Capital Corporation”.

“AG Capital has an honorable mission to be the host of the first M&A forum in Georgia. 55 representatives of leading international investment companies visited our country.
They had the opportunity to review the macroeconomic environment of Georgia and get acquainted with various promising business sectors. Being a member of Globalscope, enables AG Capital to use this unique global platform to help the Georgian companies find the strategic international partners.” - Aieti G Kukava; CEO of Alliance Group Capital

After the several days of forum and formal meetings, investors were offered to participate in informal activities - they visited historical districts of Tbilisi, National Museum of Georgia and during the tours to the different regions of Georgia, they took part in various traditional, cultural and creative activities.


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